The right idea. Correct vision. Business acumen. Ruthless execution. Those are your traits, which will help your business thrive. And everything else? That’s on us.

It doesn’t matter if you are a tech-savvy or if you are starting your journey in the digital realm – you can always count on our guidance. Using our expertise and formal knowledge, we aim to help your business advance, so you’ll be able to focus on what’s important.


It’s easy to be distracted by things with no added value to the project. All the noise out there can be challenging to filter out, especially in times when we are overflown continuously by new information or by seemingly better inspirations. It’s hard to focus on those things which truly matters and to deploy a project, trusting your inner voice instead of those countless critics. That is why we prioritize what our clients and we need and cut off everything else. No bullshit, no outside noise. Just the things that matter.

ahray focus


There are a few core rules which apply to our every project. We never patronize, we never ignore, and we always respect. For us, being excellent in our job it’s not only about the skills we possess, but it’s also about cooperating with other people, creating things which are bigger than each of us separately. And no communication should take place without mutual respect.


We do not know how to run your business. In the end, it wasn’t us who built it – it was you. And it’s our belief that you know the best how to make it thrive. That’s why we will work with you relentlessly to identify the factors critical for your company, enhance them and make them visible for your audience.

Our collaboration will not be a monologue; it will be a conversation. We trust in our expertise and quality of our work – but we do not know your business inside out, just like you do. That’s why we listen to your notices, we learn on them and share our experience, staying in a feedback loop with you throughout the whole duration of the project. After all, nothing truly great was created without cooperation, wasn’t it?


Experience counted in years, and technical knowledge of our executive management is how we recognize your business’ real needs. While everybody else believes in overselling and cares more about form than content, we believe in proficiency. That is why we only offer you those solutions, which will help to deliver your ideas to a broader audience.

A clean, practical approach to solving your problems. Just how we like it.


Every great project starts in the same way – on a piece of paper. The only challenge? To organize and manage them correctly. As we believe in design thinking, we can be sure that your best ideas are going to be accurately shaped by our specialists. And your role will be to start inventing some new ones.


You already have your ideas ready? Make them into reality! Exciting as it can be, this part requires a correct state of mind, as the once well-implemented project will be able to serve you for years. In the past, our team acquired varied experience and nevertheless, if it will be a Magento migration or an Instagram app – we got this covered.

Service and continuous improvement (based on a feedbackloop)

Something suddenly stop working, just as you are preparing for an urgent meeting with a client? Your IT department is panicking? Worry not! With our projects, we provide a complete service and guarantee on our works. We will jump on solving your problems without further delay, and before you even have a chance to look – everything will be brand-new. And your meeting with a client? We cross our fingers that it will prove to be just as easy!

Automation and integration

Every entrepreneur had just one dream – to be able to focus their time mostly on solving problems for their clients, without all the noise. With us, this dream can quickly become a reality. Whether it’s a need for automatization of your IT processes or implementation of your accounting and storage system, our team can provide you end-to-end support. With that, our clients can reduce their costs, as their employees use less time for trivial matters and focus solely on major challenges. Just like that.

03. mission & values


To be the best is to always thrive for knowledge and new experiences. To make sure that we stay on top, products in the world, we need to look for inspiration and new perspectives. There are many sources to do so, and we won’t tell you which way should be working for you.

Training, conferences, exhibitions or inspiring trips: as long as it is relevant to your work, and you can share its influence with the rest of your team, you are encouraged to go. The costs will be covered (up to 1,500€ per year).


We have to have sharp minds, but the tools we work with must be at least equally sharp. Maybe you need a Linux, maybe you need a MacBook, or perhaps you work best with a tablet? Pick your dream configuration, and we will take care of the rest, providing you with a phone, computer and any software you may need to do the job as well as possible. No boundaries.


Here we explore ideas, gather, together, eat lunch, discuss the best front-end development strategies and create outstanding digital products. An office is often a place where we spend the most time every day, right after our bedrooms.

It is the reason for which we want ours to be an as friendly and pleasant place for everyone as possible. As long as you will treat it with respect, you can work in whichever way suits you best. Get off your seat and use the space – it’s here for you! Put on your headphones or find a quiet place if you need one.

Maybe you want to do yoga or karaoke during your lunch? As long as others will not be disturbed, do it! If you find something that we should improve or change, share it and we will transform our space together.

Worklife balance

We value a healthy balance between work and private life. This balance is essential for us, and we strongly encourage you to work 40 hours a week – no more. We are team players, and we put an effort to do it & we help each other whenever it’s possible. You have a big stack of responsibilities to do this week? Tell us! Maybe someone else will be able to help you so that you will be able to repay this favour in the future?


Our team members are mostly in the prime years of their life, so, fortunately, we are rarely on sick leave due to our physical health. However, being young and working fast can be associated with other types of strains. That’s why we believe that it is vital to provide an adequate support system for mental health and taking care of ourselves so that not a single member of our company will experience burnout anytime soon.


We are a small but fast-growing company where many people try on different hats. Each project and process is different, so sometimes things can inevitably get a bit chaotic. If you think something is not working as it should, it probably is not and we should do something about it. With your help, we identify things that do not work as well as they could and adjust them accordingly.

What’s more, we allow you to take paid days off during non-Christian religious holidays – why should Christmas have all the love?

Working (out)

Keeping your body fit can be the critical aspect of your well-being. We can help you in this aspect by financing whichever excercise form you like the best. You are a great dancer, gym lover or curling club member? Tell us about it, and we will take care of it for you!

If you want, we have daily workouts on an ergometer – so we would be psyched if you decide to join us in those as well!